van Buren’s legacy

In the last week of May I attended a very interesting seminar on the Shang Han Lun (medical anthropology and clinical applications) and Neurology (affections caused by wind in the classics) in Rome . The seminar was led by Master Jeffrey C. Yuen and organised by the Medical Association for the study of Acupuncture (AMSA) and the Xin … Continue reading van Buren’s legacy

About Exams 2

I have a concern about treatment according to the six conformations. If we’re asked to suggest a treatment for a progression of fever (eg. shao yang) should we use the points suggested on your notes – Liv14, TH5, GB41? Because we have also been taught that you can go to the division underneath, strengthen it … Continue reading About Exams 2

Spleen as utmost yin

I’m a bit confused by the following statement To further categorize, the chest area is considered yang, while the abdomen is yin. The Heart and Lungs are therefore yang types of zang organs. The Heart is yang within yang, while the Lungs are yin within yang. Below the diaphragm in the abdomen we have the … Continue reading Spleen as utmost yin

Spleen or Pancreas

Hi Elio, I am reading a book on channel internal pathways mentioning the spleen-pancreas. As far as I remember the pancreas has never been mentioned during lectures. Please illuminate for me,  In western physiology the pancreas is a glandular organ which takes and important part in digestive and endocrine processes: as an endocrine gland it produces … Continue reading Spleen or Pancreas