Spleen as utmost yin

I’m a bit confused by the following statement To further categorize, the chest area is considered yang, while the abdomen is yin. The Heart and Lungs are therefore yang types of zang organs. The Heart is yang within yang, while the Lungs are yin within yang. Below the diaphragm in the abdomen we have the … Continue reading Spleen as utmost yin

Spleen or Pancreas

Hi Elio, I am reading a book on channel internal pathways mentioning the spleen-pancreas. As far as I remember the pancreas has never been mentioned during lectures. Please illuminate for me,  In western physiology the pancreas is a glandular organ which takes and important part in digestive and endocrine processes: as an endocrine gland it produces … Continue reading Spleen or Pancreas

Blood Deficiency

I am going through all the symptoms of blood deficiency and I can understand most of the reasons for most symptoms but I cannot work out tinnitus.  I have asked a lot of us in class but the only suggestion was from CK that might make any sense.  So it looks like I am not the only one that is perplexed by this.

Is it because if there is a lack of blood, so therefore there is space in the meridians, blood vessels so wind enters therefore causing some rattling or is it the emptiness that one hears? Is it because the GB channel goes round the ear?
I know if it is low pitched it is kidney but why?  And if high pitched it is liver but really don’t understand? Continue reading “Blood Deficiency”