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  1. Hi Elio,
    I found some duplicate line as below.
    Page 13, under the title 1. Stir the Yang and reduce pain
    BL 12 FeiShu under Bl64 Jinggu – perhaps misspelling of FengMen.
    it describes ‘ as an access to the function of the Lung through Tai Yang.’
    this line is repeated below BL 13 FeuShu. Is this what you meant it to be the same meaning of BL 12 and BL 13?

    1. Thank you very much Chun. I’ve amended and uploaded the new LiuJing document. Find below a quick note about the changes:

      Points according to TaiYang perspective
      1. Si3 Houxi and Bl62 Shenmai are taiYang and have an affinity with DuMai
      which gathers all the yang in the body – used to promote sweating and relieve the
      2. Bl64 Jinggu – yuan source – the BL channel is the most affected if the neck is stiff
      3. BL12 FengMen (the wind door) releases the exterior
      Points according to a Zang/Fu perspective
      1. Lu7 LieQue releases the exterior, main point for the nape of the neck, luo of the
      “tender” organ
      2. BL13 FeiShu as an access to the function of the Lung through Tai Yang.

  2. Hi Elio,
    Regarding the Six confirmation note page 17, under the title of Organ pattern, no.2 TH 6 – Zhigou …..(Earth (digestive organs) is moved through the influence of the Wood organ. The Earth does not move on its own, it is the Wood that moves it)

    I do not understand why Wood is relatd in the context of Yangming, Co, TH 6. I can see the point of using TH6 as Fire point and Jing River. But how Wood help here? Do you mean TH 6 can activate Shaoyang couple of Gall bladder meridian (Wood)? Chun

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