The 12 stages of growth

In a BaZi chart not only each branch is compared to the Day Master (the most important comparison is made using the branch of the month) but each pillar is also evaluated independently and each stem is examined in relation to the branch that supports it. The cycle of the “12 stages of growth” (十二长生 literally … Continue reading The 12 stages of growth


August the 9th is a very special day for me and I would like to celebrate it by reminding myself and my Tai Chi friends of the three precious things our master relentlessly asked us to take care of. Il nove di Agosto è un giorno molto speciale per me e vorrei celebrarlo ricordando a me stesso ed ai … Continue reading Reminder

van Buren’s legacy

In the last week of May I attended a very interesting seminar on the Shang Han Lun (medical anthropology and clinical applications) and Neurology (affections caused by wind in the classics) in Rome . The seminar was led by Master Jeffrey C. Yuen and organised by the Medical Association for the study of Acupuncture (AMSA) and the Xin … Continue reading van Buren’s legacy