Taiji rules from my daoist master J. W. Shadow

6 thoughts on “Taiji rules from my daoist master J. W. Shadow”

  1. Dear Elio, How do i get in touch with Master John Shadow.

    I know him for many years but lately has lost contact.

    1. Dear Henry
      Thanks for your message. I will contact you on your email address very soon.
      Until then
      Kind regards

    1. Dear Dr. Foxx, as far as I know, John Shadow, who I met for the first time in 1993 when I started practicing LHBF, studied with Mr. Fong during the 70s. Some of John’s early students visited Mr. Fong later on in the early 90s.

      1. Fong was more of a tai chi styled LH B F practitioner whereas john aka Li Chung had many teachers including Han xing yuan who modified the LHBF to be more Yichuan like which made it easier for me ad a student of LiChung and accredited Yi Chuan from Wang xiang jai

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